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Giggles Parties for kids
Patricia Duke
21 Nethercliffe Avenue
G44 3UW.
Tel 0141 585 7919
Patricia Duke aka "Giggles" started her acting career at
11 years old and has been performing ever since. She
has appeared in over 40 musicals, plays and pantomimes
in Scotland and has played numerous leading roles. Her
favourites include Calamity Jane, Eliza in My Fair Lady,
Anita in West Side Story and Sweet Charity. She has
played almost every conceivable panto role (apart from
principal boy due to her 5 foot 2 stature.) She is an
accomplished and talented performer who has taken a
keen interest in local theatrical events having
choreographed many productions in the South Side
where she lives with her husband and three children.

The idea of providing quality entertainment for children
began by chance! Although Patricia had fond memories
of her mum's efforts at party games,  the prospect of
keeping her daughters playgroup friends amused and of
providing a fun occasion for her 3 year old's Birthday
seemed daunting. Patricia put together a collection of
games, songs, dances and creative activities which the
children loved. When several mum's who came along
asked if they could book her for their children's parties,
the idea of professionally producing an imaginative party
concept for kids was born!

Things have moved a long way since then. Patricia has
been able to develop a unique style of party which
incorporates the facets of the traditional Birthday Party
with a modern content. Her magical musical adventure
parties are especially designed to involve the children on
imaginary journeys. Accompanied by specially
synchronised professional backing tracks the
adventures unfold. The children participate in wacky
singalongs, with costumes for eager volunteers, dances,
funny games, cute puppets, professional magic show
and Giggles Galore!

"Giggles" has developed a really versatile character of
her own.  "Giggles" is a funny friend. She is gentle for
little ones and supercool for older kids. She has a unique
affinity with children of all ages. She has lots of fabulous
colourful outfits, silly hats and light pleasant make up. All
the mums love her rainbow coloured eyelashes  which
are of course made from her secret potion of magically
coloured mascara!

Giggles is  "all singing all dancing". More than that she
understands children and knows what it is to be mum.
She knows how to party and how to create a fun family
centred occasion.

You are guaranteed the very best in quality entertainment !
How it all began
The  Character "Giggles"
They'll be Giggling all the way home !
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