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Hi Giggles,
Just a wee note with a Great BIG Thank You in helping  
me have a fantastic  5th Birthday
. My friends and family
also had a great time.You were brilliant with me and all my
friends. Best party ever and it will take a lot to beat my

Can’t believe mummy organized you for my party  when
you did my big sister Eilidh’s party almost 5 years ago.  
Her picture is still  in your gallery section. Mummy was
ever so glad you are still doing parties.

Mummy asked me just before I went to bed,  what was
the best part of my day and I replied,  when giggles arrived.

Parents were going up to mum at school in the morning
saying that their kids had a fantastic time and wouldn’t stop
talking about you. You certainly made a big impression on
them as well as me. Mummy said that we will no doubt be
seeing you soon.

Thank you once again Giggles for making me very special
and making my party the best one yet.
Look forward to seeing you soon.

Xo Erin Loan Xo

p.s  mummy wishes to pass her thank you onto you to too.
As your statement say’s,  The ULTIMATE party
experience,  well it sure was!!!

Xo Karen Xo -
Thanks to Erin (and her mummy-who I think helped !) for
such lovely comments and to Eilidh for being such a great
big sister to Erin. I can't believe how big Eilidh is and how
much she remembered about her party, 5 years ago! Time
flies ! The  photos are now uploaded on the Gallery ! I
hope you like the slideshow ! I think it looks nearly as
much fun as we had, and that would be saying something!
Love Giggles xx
Hi Giggles
Just back from the party and it was everything we hoped
for and more ! To keep 36 kids enthralled for 2 solid
hours was magical indeed. Thankyou so much for such a
memorable party. It'll be hard to top now, I think we'll
need to invite you to all Sophie's parties.

p.s Sophie is practising her magic straws trick on her
grandpa. Thanks for making her the star of the day !
Eileen Kennedy
Dear Giggles
Just to say thanks again for helping to make Ainslie's
Birthday Party so special. She had a ball and so did all the
other kids,grown up ones included!
You made such a big impression on Ainsley. I caught her
impersonating you complete with headset from her
Karaoke machine on Saturday night after the party!
Thankyou from us all for making Ainslie's special day even
more special
Best Wishes   Brian, Ann and Ainsley Wright.
Dear Giggles,
Well what can I say?!?!?! I'll bet you'll sleep tonight - you
have boundless energy!!
We were absolutely delighted with your performance at
our daughter's party on board the Tall Ship. You
concentrated on making sure the children enjoyed
themselves, which was the most important thing to us.  
Éirinn was made to feel really special and her friends all
had a wonderful time - what more could a parent ask for!!
We have no hesitation in recommending your services to
all, and wish you every continued success - you deserve it!!

thank you for making the day so happy,
kindest regards,
Karina and Jim Fitzgerald,
and a very happy Éirinn!! wrote:  Giggles,
An official and big thank you for a really wonderful party
on Sunday in Hamilton. The children had a ball and the
word on the street is that you were top entertainer. You
made the whole dreaded experience just great for me and
I too had a smashing day.
Could you put me in the diary for 21st September for  
Theos 6th birthday and I will confirm as time just as soon
as I get the o.k. from the hall.  Thanks again giggles and I
hope you get  some enquiries as a result of your sterling
efforts on Sunday.
Dear Giggles I loved your show and so did my friends we
all had a fantastic time and I look forward to seeing you
next year at my seventh birthday party.
Thankyou Sean(age 6)
Hi there, just a quick e mail to thank you for the fantastic
time you gave the children at Leanne and Heather's party.
All the children are raving about the party and loved the
party bags. A few mums have enquired about who the
entertainer was as their children have been raving about the
clown. So if you could send me some flyers I will pass
them on to the mothers and post one on the notice board
in the nursery. Once again thankyou for making the girls
party one to remember. Best Regards Angela Cochrane
Customer Services, Transport Shipping Limited
"Our youngest had a terrific Christmas Party, entertained
by Giggles who had us all in stitches with her hilarious
magic show!" Princes Royal Trust, Greater Pollock Carers
Just a wee note to thank you for making Cameron's
birthday party on 21st September a roaring success.
All the kids that were there have talked about it non
stop.The adults who were there enjoyed it too, especially
me ! I managed to have 2 cups of tea at the party (
unheard of ) and felt very relaxed when I got home. I will
certainly recommend you to anybody interested.
You are brilliant asset to busy parents. (I work in a
children's hospital and am also a Personal Fitness
Instructor and class instructor )
Thanks again
Yvonne, Pete and Cameron Smith.
Hi Giggles Thanks very much for yet again another great
party. Mhairi loved it and has requested you for "all her
birthdays" as has Eilidh! Thanks again Cheers Catherine
Thank you Giggles for a memorable day. The kids seem to
take to you immediately and all enjoyed the day from Start
to finish.
Non more than Katie who had the time of her life. She
normally likes to take centre stage and you certainly made
her feel important.
All in all we all enjoyed the day ( including the Adults )
Many thanks
Hope to see you next year
best Regards Paul
Paul Dorman
ISS Supply Chain Operations
Erskine, Scotland
Hello Giggles, It’s been a pleasure once more to have you
at one of our family celebrations and its my pleasure once
again to thank you. Last time, no one went on the bouncy
castle because they were having so much fun with you.
This time even Santa had competition! The D.J described
you as a rare talent, so even your professional colleagues
are asking for your card . We’ve passed your details on to
everyone who has asked. You must be a very busy lady !
Kind Regards, Margaret Campbell, St Margaret’s
Adoption Society
Hi Giggles, Just a note to thank you for your fantastic
performance at Shannon’s 4th Birthday Party. Shannon
and her friends enjoyed every minute of the day, and so
did the grown-ups! 2 solid hours of fun, songs, games,
dancing & magic, you even entertained them when they
were having their meal by making balloon hats. Giggles,
You were so much fun and so full of energy, Thank you for
making Shannon’s party different, exciting and most
importantly of all, Stress Free for the parents! Hope to see
you next year. Lots of Love Jane, Graham & Shannon xxx
Giggles Thank you so much for coming to Emily’s party.
Emily and all her friends (and the mums and dads) had a
wonderful time. The songs and games were fantastic and
kept them really entertained. Everyone that I have spoken
to since the party agrees that you were fantastic and I
would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a
party entertainer. Also your party bags were great and
definitely worth the money. It saved me the hassle of
preparing them and quite a few mums commented on how
good the contents of the bags were. The kids were
delighted with them. Thanks again for a great party. Love
Michelle, David & Emily
Hi Giggles !
We’re just back from the honeymoon and have just seen
the video. Now we know what all the fuss was about !
The kids all had a fantastic time at the wedding, thanks to
you. You’re everyones first choice for our next family
celebration. Only next time the adults insist they get to
come too ! Nicola Adair
My three children enjoyed being at their friend's party at
Calvary Church Hall on Saturday 20th September
My daughter was delighted to win musical chairs - mind
you she was in a wheelchair!
Many thanks
Margaret Johnston
Great web site!
Thanks Margaret ! You're on it now!
Flattery gets you everywhere!    Giggles
If you have read this far, you need to get out more. It's a
kids party not an international convention !   There are lots
and lots more references but I thought no one would want to
read them all ! Maybe I'm wrong !!! E mail me if you really
really really  want to see the rest but don't say I didn't warn
you !!!!!!


p.s. they call me that for a laugh! Hee Hee !
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