New Party Bags
coming soon !

Parents tell us that making up party bags can be  a pain , so Giggles
can bring these  for you on the day according to your maximum
expected numbers. Just phone on 0141 585 7919 a few days before
your party with the total numbers of boys and girls and
they'll arrive !

They are
unbeatable  value and  you only pay for what you actually
use on the day, so you can overestimate (just in case) and Giggles will
take back what you don't need without charge, so there's
no waste !
Princess Party Bags

Fab selection of girls things  
includes ponios, glitter hair grips,
glitter bendies, kylie band, 2 mini
glitter heart claw clips and glitter
heart ring.

50 per bag
Pirate/Football Party Bags

Fun selection of toys for boys,  
includes slinky spring, creepy crawly,
rubber lizard, maze, bouncy ball,
vehicle construction game, and ball

50 per bag

"Giggles, a little note to thank you  for everything. The kids had a ball and from
the moment you arrived I could feel myself relax. You just had everything so
organised and you were really funny with it. As a self confessed  perfectionist, I
watched in admiration. Your goody bags were a great hit with the kids. I've
spent far too much time and money on party bags before, so this was just fab! "

Stephanie Hamilton
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